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Conrad J. Jacoby, Esq. Conrad Jacoby is the founder of efficientEDD, a consultancy focusing on the areas of electronic discovery, litigation information management, and litigation support technology. A seasoned litigator as well as a technology consultant, Mr. Jacoby writes and speaks extensively about electronic discovery issues. From February 2006 through February 2008, his "E-Discovery Update" column on was made possible through support from Fios, Inc., a provider of electronic discovery processing services.

E-Discovery Update – by Fios Inc. – Applying Project Management Techniques to Litigation Discovery

Conrad J. Jacoby discusses the important role of the project manager, and how critical oversight allows this individual to anticipate and identify potential problems quickly so that they can be resolved without derailing the case.

Subjects: Case Management, E-Discovery, Legal Technology

E-Discovery Update – by Fios Inc. – Working With Obsolete Data

Conrad J. Jacoby Legal teams that find themselves working with vintage media should approach these materials with caution—but not with fear. Several basic strategies can help teams manage the issues that arise when potentially relevant data is not readily accessible.

Subjects: E-Discovery

E-Discovery Update – by Fios Inc. – Defining A Standard for Admitting Electronic Evidence at Trial

Conrad J. Jacoby addresses the standards for the admissibility of electronic evidence, which as he documents, remain unsettled and open to significant variation.

Subjects: E-Discovery, Legal Technology, Litigation Support