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Zhai Jianxiong is an associate research librarian in law in the reference department, the National Library of China, where he is responsible for responding to the requests from the national legislature, government, judiciary and citizens. He has a Bachelor of laws degree and has been active in introducing China's legal information to the world. In recent years, he has published several English language articles on the legal literature of China in journals abroad, such as the National Library of China and Its Legislative Reference Service in the IFLA Publication 83: Parliamentary Libraries and Information Services of Asia and the Pacific; Legal Literature in the P. R. China: An Introduction in the Reference Librarian, Number 60, 1998; and Tax Legislation of the People's Republic of China and Its Information Sources in the Revenue Law Journal, Volume 8, 1998. In this guide, he will give a brief introduction to the sources of judicial information in China, with a focus on judicial interpretation, an important source of Chinese law.