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Dr. Kyle Doudrick is an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences. HIs Doudrick Research Group works on problems related to physical-chemical environmental processes, with an emphasis on water quality, drinking water treatment, and emerging contaminants. More detail here:

Removing PFAS from public water systems will cost billions and take time

PFAS – perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances – are now either suspected or known to contribute to thyroid disease, elevated cholesterol, liver damage and cancer, among other health issues. Dr. Kyle Doudrick’s team at the University of Notre Dame works on solving problems involving contaminants in water systems, including PFAS. We explore new technologies to remove PFAS from drinking water and to handle the PFAS waste. Here’s a glimpse of the magnitude of the challenge and ways you can reduce PFAS in your own drinking water.

Subjects: Energy, Environmental Law, Government Resources, Healthcare