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Features – Ground Zero: Will You Survive the Internet Explosion? One Firm’s Story

Ground Zero: Will You Survive the Internet Explosion? One Firms’ Story By John Hokkanen

John Hokkanen , Chief Knowledge Counsel, heads the Knowledge Services Department at Alston & Bird in Atlanta, Georgia, and has acted as chief architect of the firms intranet and extranet applications. You may obtain a copy of his informational CD-ROM “Law Offices and the Internet” (which has a full copy of Pure Oxygen) by using the on-line form at .

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Latest Links – American Factfinder, etc…

(Posted April 19, 1999; Archived April 30, 1999)

Margaret's BioAmerican FactFinder

American FactFinder “is a new data access and dissemination system” that allows the user to find and retrieve information for the largest data sets at the U.S. Census Bureau. The site is arranged in five sections: Facts about My Community; Population and Housing Facts; Census Bureau Products; Maps; Industry and Business Facts; and Search FactFinder. The user can access data by Quick items, Detailed tables, or Build a query. A full explanation of these methods of access is contained on the “About American FactFinder” page. In mid-1999, the user will be able to customize tabulations from microdata files.

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Extras – Book Review: The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers by Jerry Lawson

Book Review: The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers by Jerry Lawson By Dennis M. Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy is Director of Legal Technology at NetTech, Inc., a St. Louis-based technology consulting company that specializes in law firms and legal technology. Dennis writes the legal technology column for Lawyers Weekly USA and writes and speaks frequently on legal technology and Internet topics. He also edits and publishes ” Legal Technology Strategies ,” a free monthly legal technology e-mail newsletter.

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Notes from the Technology Trenches – April, 1999

Notes from the Technology Trenches By Roger Skalbeck

Published April 19, 1999

Roger Skalbeck is the Electronic Initiatives Librarian at Howrey & Simon in Washington, D.C., and is the Web Master of the Law Librarian’s Society of Washington, D.C. Current work activities cover myriad aspects of electronic research resource evaluation, intranet content development, as well as research and technology training, all from a librarian’s point of view. This column reflects the personal views of the author, which are not necessarily those of his employer or any other organization. This column, of course, is 100% free of any legal advice.

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