Day archives: July 27th, 2007

Gay/Lesbian Law Pathfinder

Laws affecting gays and lesbians in the U.S. have changed slowly, and these laws cross disciplines, as in any Civil Rights movement. This guide by Mark Plotkin includes selected resources, by topic, that are available in print, on the Internet, and via online databases.

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Guide to Short Form Open Access Legal Publications

According to Ken Strutin, short form open access legal publications provide a forum for a wide range of scholarly and timely exchanges on new developments and issues. They embrace the best of print and online traditions by adhering to the publishing standards of law reviews while taking advantage of the public square of the Internet

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Librarians as Change Agents: How You Can Help Influence Public Policy in the 110th Congress

Mary Alice Baish, Associate Washington Affairs Representative, American Association of Law Libraries, discusses how the leadership changes in both the House and the Senate provide opportunities for national library associations and allied organizations to make inroads on issues important to our communities. She offers a view from inside the beltway on the profession’s legislative agenda.

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