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Amelia Landenberger is an Assistant Professor, Law Library at the University of Akron. She teaches Legal Research for first year students and International Legal Research to second- and third-year law students. This is her ninth library job. She once had a non-library job as an ice-cream scooper which inspired her to begin making ice cream as a hobby.

All Citations Should Include Hyperlinks (If Possible)

Amelia Landenberger explains that as a general principle, citations in scholarly works have two purposes: to prove that the point is supported by evidence, and to allow the reader to find the evidence that the author is citing to. The pain of citations comes from the requirement that these citations be made as brief as possible by painstakingly utilizing a series of standardized abbreviations. The requirement to abbreviate arises mainly from a historical limitation: the scarcity of paper and ink.

Subjects: KM, Legal Education, Legal Research