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In every circle that makes up the Venn diagram of Colin’s current activities, you’ll find a “legal information as data” focus. With a career spent at the intersection of law and technology, Colin has developed pronounced expertise in legal tech SaaS through leadership, founding and entrepreneurial roles at influential organizations providing legal research and analysis solutions. Profiled by the ABA Journal as a "Legal Rebel" (2014), by Canadian Lawyer Magazine as among the "Top 25 Most Influential" of 2014, and by Fastcase as a member of the 2013 Fastcase 50 class of legal innovators and visionaries. Colin served as CEO of the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) from 2011 to 2015, where he developed and successfully executed its first independent multi-year strategic plan and expanded its operations to include high-quality secondary sources. A frequent writer and speaker to national and international audiences on legal tech/information/innovation topics, and very active in supporting the development of legal information and technology projects through advocacy, consulting, business development and advisory services for courts, law associations, legal publishers and startups. Prior roles included senior legal, advocacy, marketing and lobbying roles in telecommunications industry. Now a “non-practising” lawyer following 20 years of practice. Finally, although an average and unimpressive student in all his schooling, Colin also added an LLM in law in technology in 2013 to degrees in law and business earned in the bloom of youth.

Schrödinger’s AI – Where Everything and Nothing Changes

Whether speaking with lawyers and law students who haven’t gotten around to trying ChatGPT or collaborating with post-doc explainable and legal AI experts with 20+ years of machine learning and Natural Language Processing experience, Colin Lachance, legal tech innovator and leader, is no closer to understanding in what way and precisely when permanent change will come, but is unshakeably convinced that change will be enormous, uneven, disruptive and, in many cases, invisible.

Subjects: AI, Competitive Intelligence, Information Management, KM, Legal Education, Legal Profession, Legal Technology, Technology Trends