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Marc Solomon - Scrum Master at The Hartford and Founder - Society for Useful Information. The SFUI is a professional organization whose primary purpose is to reacquaint Pioneer Valley professionals with the web as a research medium. Consummate designer and implementor of SharePoint, Google, Oracle Webcenter Sites and best-of-breed-based information architectures that answer to users first. Seventeen years of professional services and consulting experience in designing, deploying, measuring and optimizing how organizations process and utilize their project know-how. Solomon’s experience in organizational training, information classification, system deployments, and search optimization methods strengthen the business and solution-seeking goals of management, field, sales, and IT consultants. His numerous portal deployments and their embrace by the user community have unlocked the potential of knowledge-sharing platforms as sales tools and competitive assets. Specialties: knowledge management; business analysis; taxonomy and metadata capture; competitive intelligence; enterprise search; content management; training and development; professional investigations; curriculum design.