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On his blog, The Subway Fold, Alan Rothman writes about legal tech and education, traditional and social media, big data and metrics, visualization and tech-oriented things about my hometown of New York. As to my bio for the database, I am currently seeking consulting assignments on KM, content strategy and project management. My blog is above and I am on Twitter at both @SubwayFold and @AlanJRothman1. Alan previously worked at three AmLaw 100 firms in NYC in legal tech and legal KM positions. He also wrote the first regular legal tech column for the NY Law Journal from 1990 to 1994. He then moved over to become one of the original forum moderators on Counsel Connect. Alan is Twitter at both @SubwayFold and @AlanJRothman1 and he may be contacted via email - alanrothman at

IBM’s Watson is Now Data Mining TED Talks to Extract New Forms of Knowledge

Alan Rothman’s commentary offers actionable information about a new technology from IBM called Watson that is a powerful tool for researchers whose work engages data mining, knowledge management and competitive intelligence. Rothman attended a recent presentation that demonstrated how Watson is deployed as a search and discovery tool whose object is the huge video archive of TED Talks content.

Subjects: Business Research, Competitive Intelligence, KM

Book Review – The Age of Cryptocurrency

Alan Rothman highlights the increasing impact of an online payment system that is immersed in finance and economics around the world – the expanding use of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. With actionable links to expert professional topical sources on these subjects, Alan’s article will bring you up to speed on a bleeding edge cross border issue that impacts law, technology, e-commerce and the deep web.

Subjects: Technology Trends

Thats Write: Putting Aside the Keyboard and Using a Pen or Pencil Can be Good for Your Brain

Alan Rothman, expert knowledge manager, content strategist and project manager, discusses valuable lessons learned throughout his education that he continues to practice today. Specifically, the importance of hand written notes and hand editing electronically prepared documents remains a key component of knowledge retention, organization, and connecting critical information to projects, plans, coordinating work assignments, and delivering work product to customers. Maintaining and improving cognitive skills through handwriting is well documented, and Rothman discusses the multiple ways that writing plays an integral role at work, at home, in education, and in personal development.

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