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Reference from Coast to Coast – What Do You Communicate?

Reference from Coast to Coast: Searches and Strategies By Susan Siebers

Susan P. Siebers has been Director of Library and Information Services at Katten Muchin & Zavis for the past 20 years. She is just completing a 3-year term as Secretary of the American Association of Law Libraries.

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Extras – How to Save Money on Legal Research

How to Save Money on Legal Research By Scott Davis

Scott Davis is a Marketing MBA who runs Academy Computer Services, Inc. Academy specializes in computer hardware for legal research. Appropriately enough, their Website is . Academy products have been resold through West and Lexis. LOIS and Academy are partners in the Law Office in a Box concept. Academy has over 3,000 customers performing legal research on Academy equipment nationwide.

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CongressLine – Cracking Down on Domain Name Bandits

Carol M. Morrissey has been a Legislative Specialist in Washington, D.C. for 14 years. She is a lawyer and legislative expert who has authored a

Subjects: CongressLine, Cyberlaw Legislation, Domain Names

Features – The Web Enabled Document Retrieval System The Web Enabled Docket Retrieval System By Sabrina I. Pacifici and Jeff Bosh

Sabrina I. Pacifici is the Editor, Publisher and Web Manager of Jeff Bosh has been with Sidley & Austin in Washington, D.C., as the Associate Librarian for the past fourteen years. He has an extensive background in implementing value-added electronic systems for research at the desktop, including a firm-wide intranet.

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Latest Links – CERT Coordination Center…

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Margaret's BioCERT Coordination Center

This is a federally funded Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute Website. The CERT Coordination Center studies Internet security vulnerabilities, provides incident response services to Websites victimized by attacks, publishes security alerts, does security and survivability research in WAN computing, and develops information to improve Website security. There are many valuable links to CERT information at this website: CERT Advisories, Incident Notes, Vulnerability Notes, Security Improvement Notes, Tech Tips, CERT Statistics to name a few. You can subscribe to CERT security alerts via e-mail.

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