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Curtis Kendrick currently serves as Binghamton University Libraries Faculty and Staff mentor, having most recently served as dean of libraries for the University. Prior to his positions at Binghamton, Kendrick served as university dean for libraries and information resources at the City University of New York (CUNY), and has held library administrative positions at Columbia University, Harvard University, Stony Brook University and Oberlin College. He has earned the baccalaureate degree from Brown University and master’s degrees from Simmons College (MS, library and information science) and Emory University (MBA).

The Efficacy of ChatGPT: Is it Time for the Librarians to Go Home?

In preparation for a presentation about race and academic libraries, Curtis Kendrick, formerly Dean and currently Binghamton University Libraries Faculty and Staff mentor, tried ChatGPT (Jan 9 version) to see what it (they?) had to say. He was curious about how it worked and how accurately it responded to queries. For our consideration, Kendrick offers his analysis of this interaction.

Subjects: AI, KM, Libraries & Librarians, Search Engines, Search Strategies, Technology Trends