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Win More Cases: The Lawyer's Toolkit

From From 2002-2009, Troy Simpson headed Research One Pty Ltd, a specialist legal research and writing company. Among other publications, he is the author of Win More Cases: The Lawyer’s Toolkit — With a Foreword by Justice Michael Kirby (2008) and Funny English Errors and Insights (2010)


The Art of Written Persuasion: Part V – Improve Your Vocabulary, Improve Your Success

Troy Simpson returns with this fifth article in the series, and investigates the link between having a good vocabulary [lawyers have a speaking acquaintance with around 23,000 words] and being a persuasive lawyer.

Subjects: Columns, Communication Skills, Legal Profession

Art of Written Persuasion: Part IV – What Makes a Good Problem-Solving Model?

Following up on his commentary about how problem-solving models can help lawyers (and law students) to solve legal problems systematically and to communicate legal solutions persuasively in writing, Troy Simpson discusses what makes a good problem-solving model.

Subjects: Columns, Courts & Technology, Legal Profession, Writing Skills

The Art of Written Persuasion: From IRAC to FAILSAFE – A Compilation of Legal Problem-Solving Models

In his third article in the series, Troy Simpson focuses on “a process model of problem-solving that provides a useful framework, because it offers a systematic, non-random way of tackling problems.”

Subjects: Columns, Communication Skills, Legal Profession, Legal Research, Legal Research Training

The Art of Written Persuasion: The Problem with the Case Method and the Case for the Problem Method

In this second article in the series, Troy Simpson suggests that the ‘case method’ of teaching law may help to explain why lawyers write badly. He then outlines some of the advantages of the ‘problem method’ of teaching law.

Subjects: Legal Profession, Training

The Art of Written Persuasion: The Rise of Written Persuasion

In this column, Troy Simpson writes on persuading judges in writing. This first article in the series surveys the history of written advocacy in three jurisdictions — England and Wales, Australia, and America – to show why good written advocacy is vital to the modern lawyer.

Subjects: Comparative/Foreign Law, Court Resources, Legal Profession, Legal Research

Persuading Judges in Writing: Tips for Lawyers (And how technology can help)

Troy Simpson explains how good written advocacy can help lawyers in England, Australia and America to persuade judges, and providers readers with some practical tips to accomplish this challenging task.

Subjects: Comparative/Foreign Law, Features, Legal Research