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Katie Thomas is a Law Librarian located in Toronto, Canada. She can be reached by contacting kmthomasDOTemailATgmailDOTcom, Twitter @LegalLibrary or LinkedIn When not updating case law she can be found wandering the world with legal (eBooks) in tow!

Job Swaps and Library Exchanges – 2013 update

This guide by Katie Thomas completely updates her previous article from 2006, and focuses on resources that promote and disseminate information about international visits and exchanges for librarian around the world.

Subjects: Communication Skills, Features, Job Hunting, Libraries & Librarians, Recruiting

Job Swaps and Library Exchanges

Does the idea of visiting a law library in another country or participating in an work exchange interest you? If so, Katie Thomas has some great resources to assist you in facilitating this experience.

Subjects: Job Hunting, Law Librarians, Libraries & Librarians