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A Commentary on the National Forest Land Conveyance for Rural Communities Act

The administration’s unprecedented plan to have the Forest Service sell large tracts of National Forest is the topic of Beth Wellington’s commentary this month.

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Let the People Know the Facts: Can Government Information Removed from the Internet Be Reclaimed?

Susan Nevelow Mart examines the legal basis of the public’s right to access government information, reviews the types of information that have recently been removed from the Internet, and analyzes the rationales given for the removals. The article suggests that the concerted use of the Freedom of Information Act by public interest groups and their constituents is a possible method of returning the information to the Internet.

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FOIA Facts: Department of Justice Issues Guidance for FOIA Executive Order

Scott A. Hodes’s commentary addresses the recent Executive Order requiring that each federal agency improve its FOIA performance.

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CongressLine, by – Congressional Scandals, Corruption and Misbehavior

According to Paul Jenks, the recipe for scandal and corruption is very simple and all the ingredients are always in the Congressional pantry, so read his article and get the inside track on what is happening on the Hill.

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CongressLine by Congressional Hearings

This month Paul Jenks provides an inside view of the most visible and widely recognized function of Congress: the hearing, for which he identifies three distinctive types: informational hearings, oversight or investigative hearings, and confirmation hearing.

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Campaign Finance and the Internet: A Commentary on the Online Freedom of Speech Act

Beth Wellington discusses the divergent positions of key organizations and groups on the regulatory and legislative controversy over Internet free speech, campaign finance reform, and blogging. She provides links to legislation, news releases, government documents and blog postings on the issue.

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The Government Domain: New GPO Catalog of Government Publications

Peggy Garvin reviews the new searchable catalog of current and historical federal congressional, executive, and judicial publications that are in print, electronic, and other formats.

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CongressLine by – The Earmark – Part 2

Paul Jenks continues his discussion of an earmark, which is the specific direction of funding for a specific project within the appropriations or authorization bill. His explanation of this rather complex issue will serve you well as you learn more about legislative research and legislative history.

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FOIA Facts: Sunshine Week and Other Things

Scott A. Hodes reminds us why the goal of Sunshine Week, which is to elevate the public’s awareness on the importance of governmental disclosure laws, is one that has become increasingly important to pursue every week, year round.

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