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The Decline of DVD-by-Mail, or Further Thoughts on the Digital Death of Copyrights First Sale Doctrine

Prof. Annemarie Bridy comments on a dynamic new area of online copyright and licensing as she focuses on how Netflix is transitioning from an operating model that is clearly covered by an exception to copyright law to one that (very probably) requires permission for every content delivery.

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ShoppingBots and Online Shopping Resources 2012

Marcus P. Zillman’s guide, great for holiday and year round shopping, comprises a comprehensive listing of shoppingbot and online shopping resources and sites on the Internet. Comparison shopping for books, electronics, gadgets, clothing, green products, hotels? Looking for coupons, discounts, vouchers or last minute deals? Do you want to support local, regional or national products and services? Marcus’ wide ranging listing highlights reliable, efficient sites and services to compare and contrast your shopping choices, and to make the experience more cost effective and satisfying, now and year round.

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Social media, geolocation and privacy, oh my!

Nicole L. Black highlights how our net activities are carefully monitored and meticulously tracked by some of the biggest players, including Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. Our individual online footprints, from the Web sites we visit, the items we purchase, the people with whom we communicate, to the locations where we access the Internet, are extremely valuable commodities that are increasingly sought after.

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Rule the Web

Web marketing expert Julia Wotipka reviews a new book on creative, productive and engaging ways to leverage all aspects of web publishing, authored by the co-founder of one of the five most visited blogs on the Web, Boing Boing.

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After Hours: Best of the Fancy Food Show

During Kathy Biehl’s foray to the Summer Fancy Food Show this summer in New York City she was introduced to a showcase of unusual new products and trends in specialty foods. The natural and organic foods pavilion yielded interesting finds about which she also shares details.

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After Hours: Summer Snacks and Reading

Kathy Biehl touts the newest offerings from Newman’s Own Organics, recommends a eclectic collection of essays on enjoying wine, and reminds us about the second annual New York City Canine Cruise. One of last year’s participants, Kathy’s nephdog, won the Milkbone “Make You and Your Dog Famous” Contest.

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After Hours: Move Over, Spinach: Chocolate to the Rescue!

Kathy Biehl highlights niche, premium chocolates which boast not only unique flavors but additional medicinal herbal properties.

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Small Content, Long Tails, and Big Ideas in Law Libraries

Small Content, Long Tails, and Big Ideas in Law Libraries

by Jason Eiseman

Jason Eiseman (MLS) is the Computer Automation Librarian at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt in Portland, Oregon.

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Features – 2005 Holiday Gadget Gift Guides

2005 Holiday Gadget Gift Guides

By Jeff Beard

Jeff Beard is the author of Law Tech Guru Blog, and Legal IT Manager at Caterpillar Inc.’s Legal Services Division.

Subjects: E-Commerce, Gadgets

After Hours – Searching Borders, Pizza Law, and Curious Cookies

Kathy Biehl looks at a search tool that embraces the concept of customer service, samples the singular specialty of pizza law, and nibbles through the catalog of a cookie company with something for everyone – even people with food allergies.

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