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Extras – Business Ethics for Information Professionals

Business Ethics for Information Professionals

Presented July 13, 1998 at the AALL 1998 Conference, Independent Law Librarian Program, Anaheim, CA

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Features – Search Engines for Intranets

Search Engines for Intranets by Nina Platt

Nina Platt is an independent consultant in library automation and information management. Her past experience includes 10+ years as technical services manager and systems librarian in the law office environment. In addition to her work as a consultant, she writes and speaks frequently about information resources and technology, has developed a number of Web sites and full-text databases and continues to search for better ways to integrate resources, making research more cost-effective. Compiler of Piper State Court Directory, her most recent project is the online newsletter, ILSR : Integrated Library System Reports.

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Latest Links – Contents Pages from Law Reviews, etc….

(Posted July 1, 1998; Archived July 15, 1998)

mb.gifContents Pages from Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

This university law school produced site provides online versions of the tables of contents of 750+ law reviews and scholarly journals related to the law. U.S. as well as foreign titles are included. You can select U.S. or non U.S. contents pages for viewing if you wish. Only journals received in the past three months are listed on the site. The files are updated daily. The contents pages from a journal appear the day following receipt by the Tarlton Law Library. The entire archive can be searched by keyword.

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Extras – Product Review – SnagIt by TechSmith (v. 4.1)

Product Review – SnagIt by TechSmith (v. 4.1) By Susan Charkes, JD, MLS

Systems Librarian, Dechert Price & Rhoads, Philadelphia, PA

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Latest Links –, etc….

(Posted June 15, 1998; Archived July 1, 1998)

This site is a source for a wealth of banking information. There are links to financial institutions on the Web, a Year 2000 Watch, links to regulations, a regulatory review, a court watch, a searchable e-mail directory, banking listservs, quick links to other relevant banking sites, statistics at a glance and much more.

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Features – Confessions of a Deep Linker: Advanced Techniques for Linking to Government Documents and Databases

Confessions of a Deep Linker: Advanced Techniques for Linking to Government Documents & Databases By Phillip A. McAfee, Esq.

Phillip A. McAfee is an attorney with a Masters Degree in Health Law from Loyola University in Chicago. He is also the owner of the Health Hippo Web site, which has provided deep and extensive links to government documents related to health law, policy and regulation since 1996.

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Newstand – June 1998

June 1998

newstand.gifInformation Outlook, June 1998

Librarians in Evolving Corporate Roles, p.27. Librarian, cybrarian, or knowledge manager? Titles have shifted in response to the evolution and expansion of skills, responsibilities and challenges posed by the digital era.

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Extras – Client Centered Web Sites

Client Centered Web Sites By Jerry Lawson

Jerry Lawson is an Internet consultant for attorneys and designer of the Internet Tools for Attorneys Web site,

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Latest Links – Fed in Print, etc….

(Posted June 1st, 1998; Archived June 15th, 1998)

Fed In Print

This is database of all Federal Reserve System Economic research. It was developed by the FRB of San Francisco. You can search by keyword in the title, subject and abstract, title word search, author, or publication year. Some documents are offered in full-text format while others must be ordered from the publishing institution in print.

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