Monthly archives: September, 2010

Canine Detection Evidence

For nearly 15,000 years dogs have lived with and served humankind as companions, hunters, shepherds and most recently detectives. The average canine possesses hundreds of millions of receptors for odors, compared with a few million for humans. Their outstanding sensory endowment – olfaction – makes dogs sought after by law enforcement. And in the last century, the cultivation and harnessing of this ultra sensitive faculty has become a part of many facets of criminal investigation. Ken Strutin’s article surveys select studies, standards and resources about canine scent detection evidence.

Subjects: Legal Research

Google Instant and Legal Search

Steve Matthews enumerates some of the issues that merit attention with respect to Google’s recent implementation of this default setting search query application.

Subjects: Features, Internet Trends, Legal Research, Search Engines, Search Strategies

Open Source Tools for the Day-to-Day

Nicole C. Engard reviews several open source tools she recommends not only for their usability and reliability, but also for the cost to value ratio when compared to mainstream applications outside our ever narrowing budget requirements .

Subjects: Libraries & Librarians, Open Source, Product Reviews, Search Engines, Technology Trends

The Online Oral Academic Learning Community

Lorette S.J. Weldon discusses innovative methods to use social networking and oral tradition to support the goals of sharing professional experiences and collaborating on best practices for past, current, and ongoing research.

Subjects: Communication Skills, Presentation Skills

Your Cheat Sheet for Local Rule Motion Practice Part Three: Eastern District of Texas

Wendy Schneider outlines what you really need to know about motion practice in the Eastern District of Texas. Her previous two guides, for the Southern District of New York and the Central District of California, are available here.

Subjects: Columns, Court Resources, Legal Research, Local Rules