Day archives: August 23rd, 2019

New laws give victims more time to report rape or sexual assault – even Jeffrey Epstein’s

Jane E. Palmer is a scholar of gender-based violence currently studying the legal needs of survivors of sexual assault. In this article Palmer examines why someone might wait decades to report a sexual assault, why sexual offenders are often not held accountable, and why so few resources are devoted to rape prevention. She believes that increasing – but not eliminating – time limits will not help most victims heal or access justice.

Subjects: Civil Liberties, Criminal Law, Legal Research

The Mindful Lawyer: Apps and Other Resources

Nicole Black discusses practical ways for lawyers to combat work related stress. One of the most effective ways she suggests that colleagues may can consider is to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. Fortunately, there are lots of mindfulness apps and tools available for lawyers seeking to reduce heir stress levels through mindful thinking. Black shares some of her favorites, all of which are low-cost or free resources designed to get you on your way to a more stress-free existence.

Subjects: Communications, Continuing Legal Education, Education, Gadgets/Gizmos