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E-Discovery Update: Direct Inspection Of Opposing Party Source Documents

Conrad J. Jacoby explains how the perceived importance of evidence that could be unearthed through extreme discovery will be an important guide to whether courts will permit inspection of ESI over the objection of the producing party.

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E-Discovery Update: Understanding the Consequences of an Unsuccessful Meet and Confer Session

Conrad J. Jacoby discusses how the exchange of discoverable documents and information, including preservation and production of electronically stored information, is becoming increasingly important subsequent to the Taser case.

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E-Discovery Update – Discovery of Ephemeral Digital Information

Conrad J. Jacoby evaluates the ramifications of the recent decision, Columbia Pictures Indus. v. Bunnell et al., and describes how digital information must henceforth be analyzed when creating an inventory of potentially relevant and discoverable information.

Subjects: E-Discovery Update

E-Discovery Update: Finding the Line Between E-Discovery Expert and Fact Witness Testimony

Conrad J. Jacoby discusses specifics of why counsel should carefully consider the type of electronic evidence they believe will be important to develop their case and whether expert testimony will be required to admit these materials into evidence.

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E-Discovery Update: Choosing an E-Discovery CLE Conference

One popular way to stay current with developments in e-discovery law is to attend a conference or “boot camp” for an intense immersion into the subject matter. To help you choose the right conference to ensure an educational and enlightening experience, Conrad J. Jacoby spotlights program offerings that allow attendees to stay focused on specific areas and issues of interest.

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E-Discovery Update: Recognizing Hidden Logistical Bottlenecks in E-Discovery

Conrad J. Jacoby’s column describes with precision and detail the technology, process and associated timeline involved in a data harvesting project.

Subjects: E-Discovery, E-Discovery Update

E-Discovery Update: Separating E-Discovery Myths from Realities

Conrad J. Jacoby highlights five “rules of thumb” about e-discovery that are commonly held in the community, and draws clear and exact distinctions between the myths and the reality behind the advice.

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E-Discovery Update: Perspectives on 2007 New York LegalTech

Conrad J. Jacoby reviews the latest products from new and familiar companies that are offering legal and litigation support technology applications solutions.

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E-Discovery Update: E-Discovery New Year’s Resolutions for 2007

In this month’s column, Conrad J. Jacoby covers e-discovery and the way that it will impact the practice of law in 2007. He suggests three stratgegies for attorneys that will help them be more effective advocates and practitioners in the coming year.

Subjects: E-Discovery, E-Discovery Update, Legal Research, Litigation Support

E-Discovery Update – by Fios Inc.: Choosing An E-Discovery Vendor

Conrad J. Jacoby documents how a law firm or a client can efficiently and effectively choose an e-discovery vendor with the appropriate experience, training, and equipment that will work properly with each respective organization’s digital materials.

Subjects: E-Discovery, E-Discovery Update, Litigation Support