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Commentary: Labor Protections and the Role of Card-Check Agreements

Beth Wellington reviews the background and legislation associated with card check-off campaigns to establish union representation, as well as the current political and corporate positions.

Subjects: Congress, Legal Research, Legislative

The Goverment Domain: GovTrack and OpenCongress Go Beyond THOMAS

Peggy Garvin explores the evolution in the features and services provided by GovTrack, the free, public, independent web service with information on federal legislation, congressional documents, legislators, and votes. She also profiles a site with complementary content on lobbying activity and campaign contributions.

Subjects: Congress, E-Government, Legal Research, Legislative, The Government Domain

CongressLine by The Capitol of Newspapers

Paul Jenks provides background, perspective and insight into the audience, content and role of a trio of newspapers of record for what he calls the “most inherently partisan institution in the country.” These papers, available in print and online versions, are significant resources for anyone tracking the Hill and Congress.

Subjects: Congress, CongressLine, Legal Research, Legislative

Commentary: The Real Costs of America’s Nuclear Power Program and the Impact on Global Climate Change

Beth Wellington reviews the administration’s position on FY 2008 funding for nuclear power programs, as well as the impact of these programs on climate change.

Subjects: Congress, E-Government, Government Resources, Legal Research

The Government Domain: New House Website and Open House Project

The 110th Congress included not only new names and faces on the Hill, but a plethora of redesigned e-government sites, many of which are still very much under development. In her column this month, Peggy Garvin focuses on the changes in the House of Representatives website.

Subjects: Congress, E-Government, Government Resources, Legal Research, The Government Domain

Commentary: The Iraq Troop Surge

Beth Wellington puts the recently announced troop surge surge into context by reviewing the response of members of Congress, the public, columnists and think tanks.

Subjects: Congress, Extras, Legal Research, Military

CongressLine, by Authorization and Appropriation

Paul Jenks explains the process of key Congressional activitiy: before money can be spent, Congress must authorize the expenditure first, and then must appropriate the money to do so.

Subjects: Congress, CongressLine, Legal Research

The Government Domain: Testing the THOMAS Beta

Peggy Garvin runs the THOMAS beta test site through its paces, evaluating the new search engine and enhanced navigations features, accompanied by screen shots.

Subjects: Congress, Government Resources, Legal Research, Search Engines, Search Strategies, The Government Domain

The Government Domain: 2007 Calendars and Schedules

A wide range of online calendars from agencies and Congress offer valuable information to researchers that includes: release dates for topical reports, news, surveys, meeting and official travel schedules, historical commemorations, House and Senate bill histories, and links to speeches and testimony. Peggy Garvin includes numerous examples of e-gov sites with such services that should be on your radar.

Subjects: Congress, E-Government, Government Resources, Internet Resources, Internet Resources - Web Links, Legal Research, The Government Domain