Monthly archives: December, 2006

Commentary: The Military Commissions Act and Habeas Corpus

Beth Wellington’s commentary examines the contentious issues related to the administration’s use of military commissions and the subsequent introduction of new legislation to “correct problems in the act” and “to restore fundamental protections.”

Subjects: Congress, Criminal Law, Extras, Legal Research, Military

FOIA Facts: Rapid Response Team for FOIA

Scott A. Hodes recommends that federal government FOIA offices implement a rapid response team to deal with FOIA requests that are likely to lead to litigation in the short run.

Subjects: FOIA Facts, Freedom of Information, Government Resources

E-Discovery Update – by Fios Inc.: Choosing An E-Discovery Vendor

Conrad J. Jacoby documents how a law firm or a client can efficiently and effectively choose an e-discovery vendor with the appropriate experience, training, and equipment that will work properly with each respective organization’s digital materials.

Subjects: E-Discovery, E-Discovery Update, Litigation Support

The Tao of Law Librarianship: Reaching Across the Generations in the Profession

Connie Crosby addresses the evolving professional roles and expectations, goals and perspectives of librarians between Baby Boom and Generation X.

Subjects: Law Librarians, Law Library Management, Legal Research, Libraries & Librarians, Library Marketing, The Tao of Law Librarianship, Training

The Government Domain: 2007 Calendars and Schedules

A wide range of online calendars from agencies and Congress offer valuable information to researchers that includes: release dates for topical reports, news, surveys, meeting and official travel schedules, historical commemorations, House and Senate bill histories, and links to speeches and testimony. Peggy Garvin includes numerous examples of e-gov sites with such services that should be on your radar.

Subjects: Congress, E-Government, Government Resources, Internet Resources, Internet Resources - Web Links, Legal Research, The Government Domain

Reference from Coast to Coast: An Overview of Selected SEC Resources on the Web

Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen provide an overview of selected free and fee-based web resources, as well as pathfinders and guides authored by law librarians, that will faciliate the process of conducting effective SEC research.

Subjects: Business Research, Legal Research, Online Legal Research Services, Reference from Coast to Coast, Reference Resources, Search Strategies, SEC Filings, Securities Law

Faulkner’s Practical Web Strategies for Attorneys: Planning Your 2007 Web Strategy

Frederick L. Faulkner IV highlights and outlines the essential components of a strategic website plan that can be integrated into your overall firm or practice goals in the coming year.

Subjects: Faulkner's Practical Web Strategies for Attorneys, Law Firm Marketing, Web Management, Web Site Evaluation

Librarianship – Promoting Public Service and Philanthropy

Kara Phillips shares examples of diverse personal volunteer efforts within the law library community, gleaned from an informal survey, that include service on the local, national and international level.

Subjects: Features, Law Librarians, Libraries & Librarians