Day archives: November 17th, 2019

Who Stole My Face? The Risks Of Law Enforcement Use Of Facial Recognition Software

Lawyer and Legal Technology Evangelist Nicole L. Black discusses the “reckless social experiment” that facial surveillance represents across all aspects of life in America. It is the norm on social media, in air travel, as a mechanism for state, local and federal governments to identify location and means of travel (car, train, bus), in banking and financial transactions (smile next time you use your ATM), and as a security feature to unlock your phone, to name but some of its applications. You cannot opt-out of the use of your data nor the multifaceted ways that it impacts your diminishing privacy and civil liberties.

Subjects: AI, Civil Liberties, Congress, Cyberlaw, Legal Research, Privacy, Social Media

Website privacy options aren’t much of a choice since they’re hard to find and use

Hana Habib and Lorrie Cranor of Carnegie Mellon University discuss how many sites offer the ability to ‘opt out’ of targeted advertisements, and identify why doing so isn’t easy. They advocate for simplifying and standardizing opt-outs to help improve privacy on the web.

Subjects: Cybersecurity, KM, Legal Research, Privacy, Social Media, Technology Trends