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Libby Sander, PhD, Master HRM, Bachelor of Arts (Japanese), Bachelor of Business, is an Assistant Professor in the Business School at Bond University. Libby has appeared on ABC TV’s Catalyst and The Drum featuring her research, Sunrise on Channel 7, ABC News and spoken at TEDx . Libby is an agenda contributor at the World Economic Forum and her articles have appeared in US Newsweek, the BBC, the World Economic Forum, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and on SBS, amongst others. Libby is the co-author of Work in the 21st Century: How do I Log On? which was published by Emerald in 2017, and is currently working on a new book to be published by Routledge. She is regularly featured on radio and in national media including for the ABC, 3AW and The Australian, commenting on issues on work, society and future trends in organisations.

Elon Musk’s ‘hardcore’ management style: a case study in what not to do

Professor Libby Sander explains why as a case study in how to implement organisational change, Elon Musk’s actions at Twitter will go down as the gold standard in what not to do. Among other things, the evidence shows successful organisational change requires: a clear, compelling vision that is communicated effectively; employee participation; and fairness in the way change is implemented. Trust in leaders is also crucial. Change management never quite goes to plan. It’s hard to figure out whether Musk even has a plan at all.

Subjects: Communication Skills, Employment Law, Ethics, KM, Labor Law, Leadership, Management, Social Media, Technology Trends, Telecommuting