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Marcus Banks is a journalist with many years of experience as an academic health sciences librarian. Among other outlets his writing has appeared in Nieman Storyboard, Superstition Review, American Libraries, the Fortnightly Review, and the San Francisco Chronicle. He is also the former technology reporter for the Gotham Gazette. Banks has a BA (English) from Northwestern University, and a Masters in Library and Information Science from Dominican University.

We Need Librarians Today More Than Ever – How an ancient profession stays on top of the digital age

Journalist and librarian Marcus Banks discusses the role, relevancy and impact of librarians in all sectors as we are increasingly overwhelmed with information and yet access to actionable resources is often blocked by fees and paywalls, and the goal of knowledge sharing is subsumed and often ill served by conflicting agendas. Librarians remain critical advocates for open access, teachers of digital literacy skills, proponents of services to all Americans, and touchstones for identifying truth in an increasingly growing sphere of fake news and information that fails to serve democracy, education, and commerce.

Subjects: Civil Liberties, Communications, Competitive Intelligence, E-Books, Education, Information Management, KM, Libraries & Librarians, Library Marketing, Reference Services