Features – Staying Current with Push Technology

Return to Library Staying Current with Push Technology By Gary Teal (Posted November 1, 1997; Archived December 1, 1997)

Gary Teal is a Technology Strategy Consultant with the LEXIS-NEXIS National Center for Law and Technology. Gary has a degree in Computer Science and has worked in law firm automation since 1985. He was Manager of Information Systems for the Washington Office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius for six years. Gary joined LEXIS-NEXIS last December, and is based in Washington, D.C.

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Features – Online Personal Information: Access vs. Excess

Online Personal Information: Access vs. Excess By Lynn Peterson

Lynn Peterson is president of PFC Information Services, Inc., a public records research firm located in Oakland, California. Lynn has been quoted on public records research in a variety of sources including The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, and The Information Broker’s Handbook. PFC Information Services provides public records research for law firms, corporations, lenders, venture capitalists, employers, the media, and other information research firms.

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Features – Electronic Court Filing

Return to Library Electronic Court Filing By Bradley J. Hillis

Bradley J. Hillis holds MA and JD degrees from the University of Washington. He is the editor of the forthcoming, “Internet Experiments in Electronic Court Filing,” and is a representative of the courts to the Washington Digital Signature Implementation Task Force. His previous Internet law articles have appeared on the Web at Villanova Institute for Information Law and Policy.

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