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Roger V. Skalbeck is the Associate Law Librarian for Electronic Resources and Services at Georgetown Law Library in Washington, D.C.

Re-Hashing the Hash Tag – Crowd Competition and Community Standards at the #AALL2009 Conference

Roger V. Skalbeck and Meg Kribble describe how the majority of social media activity during the 2009 AALL conference took place on Twitter, and how this technology impacts the profession and the free exchange of information, moving forward.

Subjects: American Association of Law Libraries, Blogs, Communication Skills, Conferencing Software, Features, Legal Technology, Libraries & Librarians, Library Marketing, Library Software & Technology

Can Collaboration Solve Copyright Status Questions? The WorldCat Copyright Evidence Registry

As Roger V. Skalbeck documents, one of the underlying obstacles to reproducing older books is a central place to look for information about what is protected by copyright and what may have passed into the public domain is lacking. Responding to this need, OCLC recently introduced a beta service, the WorldCat Copyright Evidence Registry (CER). It could be a very valuable resource for recording and sharing copyright status information.

Subjects: Copyright, Features, Search Engines

Technology Tools for Information Management

Roger V. Skalbeck and Barbara Fullerton’s fast paced presentation of 19 practical, low cost and innovative tech tools they respectively use on a regular basis. So if you are looking for ideas to improve your use of Outlook, RSS, Adobe, and enhance your presentations and collaborative goals, this article is a must read.

Subjects: Features Do Not Call it up With Firefox

Roger V. Skalbeck examines and illustrates usability issues on the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry, a very popular e-gov site that has design errors impeding complete content accessibility when users choose non-Microsoft browsers.

Subjects: Features, Internet Resources, Legal Technology, Web Accessibility, Web Management, Web Site Evaluation

Law and Technology Podcasts

Roger V. Skalbeck highlights a selected group of useful podcasts covering topics such as technology policy, law, and web development.

Subjects: Features, Gadgets, Legal Research, Legal Technology, Web Management, Web Utilities

Technology and Policy Issues With Acquiring Digital Collections

Roger V. Skalbeck and Iva M. Futrell address issues raised with acquiring digital collections, including a discussion of two legal-specific digitization projects available to any sector that wants to acquire them, including firms, courts and universities.

Subjects: Law Library Management, Licensing

Features – Adobe’s Macromedia Studio 8 — What’s New in the Upgrade?

Adobe’s Macromedia Studio 8 — What’s New in the Upgrade?

By Roger V. Skalbeck

Roger V. Skalbeck is the Technology Librarian at George Mason School of Law in Arlington Virginia. He manages websites for GMU School of Law, The Critical Infrastructure Protection Program and a few other web-based projects. He has worked in law libraries for over a decade, and he recently received a law degree. Though he is now a lawyer, he doesn’t have plans to play one on television. This article is 100% free of legal advice.

Published January 15, 2006

Subjects: Intranets, Law Librarians, Libraries & Librarians, Web Management, Web Utilities

Features – Macromedia’s Contribute 3.0 — Sophisticated Web Editing Made Simple

Macromedia’s Contribute 3.0 — Sophisticated Web Editing Made Simple

By Roger V. Skalbeck

Roger V. Skalbeck i s the Technology Systems Librarian at George Mason University School of Law in Arlington Virginia. He has worked in law libraries for over a decade, and he is currently pursuing a law degree. He is a not yet a lawyer, and he doesn’t even play one on television.

Published November 28, 2004

Subjects: Features, Law Library Management, Web Management, Web Utilities