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The limits of ‘Hack the library’: Don’t aim for too much more with too much less–and try harder for more

David Rothman notes that less than 12 percent of U.S. public library spending goes for books and other items. So he is very much in favor of the “hack the library” movement reinventing libraries. At the same time, Rothman warns that all the technical ingenuity and creativity in the world is no substitute for sufficient funding in areas ranging from content to data security. The public’s needs, not the interests of techie volunteers, should count most of all.

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Personal Task Management for Legal Professionals

Brad Edmondson searched for the right task management app throughout much of his time attending law school. He finally found and recommends in this article one that he chose for individual use: Todoist. The app – it’s really more of a service – operates on the “freemium” model, and Brad signed up for the premium version three months ago. He compares and contrasts this app to others for Mac and Android platforms in this best practices guide.

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Metrics 101: Proving Your Value

Bess Reynolds expertly documents the strategy, tools and techniques to implement effective metrics that clearly define and communicate to management your library’s value added deliverables.

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ChatterBots Resources on the Internet

Marcus P. Zillman’s guide is a comprehensive listing of resources on increasingly popular computer projects and programs used to simulate human conversation using “intelligent” agents and text based applications, called chatterbots.

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Law and Technology Podcasts

Roger V. Skalbeck highlights a selected group of useful podcasts covering topics such as technology policy, law, and web development.

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Faulkner’s Practical Web Strategies for Attorneys: Do Something More With Your Web Browser Homepage

Frederick L. Faulkner IV recommends a set of tools and services as the foundation of your personalized homepage, and provides a step-by-step guide on how to create one efficiently and effectively.

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The Tao of Law Librarianship: Flickr is the Web Photo Tool Preferred by Superheroes and Librarians

Connie Crosby interviews Libraryman about how he uses the popular web-based photo sharing application, and its substantial value to the profession as teaching, training and communications application.

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Features – Adobe’s Macromedia Studio 8 — What’s New in the Upgrade?

Adobe’s Macromedia Studio 8 — What’s New in the Upgrade?

By Roger V. Skalbeck

Roger V. Skalbeck is the Technology Librarian at George Mason School of Law in Arlington Virginia. He manages websites for GMU School of Law, The Critical Infrastructure Protection Program and a few other web-based projects. He has worked in law libraries for over a decade, and he recently received a law degree. Though he is now a lawyer, he doesn’t have plans to play one on television. This article is 100% free of legal advice.

Published January 15, 2006

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Faulkner’s Practical Web Strategies for Attorneys – Maximize Your Browsing Experience: Toolbars, Bookmarklets, and Extensions

Frederick L. Faulkner IV recommends a range of applications, easy to install and use, that extend the versatility and enhance the value of your browsing experience as you search the web throughout the course of the day.

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Burney’s Gadgets for Legal Pros – Reviews: Treo 700w; Free Personal Firewall; WiFi Security; Free Backup Program

Brett Burney recommends the new Treo 700w to those who prefer the Windows Mobile OS to that offered by Palm. He also talks about free and low cost firewall and and antivirus programs, as well as how to secure your Wi-Fi network at home and on the road. Last but not least, Brett heralds a free, easy to use back-up system for your PC.

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