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Reference from Coast to Coast: An Overview of Selected SEC Resources on the Web

Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen provide an overview of selected free and fee-based web resources, as well as pathfinders and guides authored by law librarians, that will faciliate the process of conducting effective SEC research.

Subjects: Business Research, Legal Research, Online Legal Research Services, Reference from Coast to Coast, Reference Resources, Search Strategies, SEC Filings, Securities Law

The Limited Liability Company: The Importance of Choosing The Correct Business Vehicles

Sarah Spear’s guide distinguishes the LLC from other common forms of business entity, discusses the various LLC management structures, highlights businesses thriving as LLCs and some of the tax advantages realized by the LLC.

Subjects: Business Research

Beyond Google and Yahoo: New, Nifty Search Engines to Optimize Your Research

Barbara Fullerton and Sabrina I. Pacifici‘s recommendations focus on subject area and issue-centric sites to facilitate obtaining search results that are better targeted to the scope of your requests. Whether you are looking for government data, blogs, RSS feeds, video, podcasts, news or scientific papers, this guide will serve you well.

Subjects: Business Research, Data Mining, Internet Resources - Web Links, Medical Research, News Resources, RSS Newsfeeds, Search Engines

Notes From the Technology Trenches, Reader Responses: Teaching Cost Effective Searching, an

Reader Responses: Teaching Cost Effective Searching & Bloomberg for Law Firms

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ResearchRoundup – Business Filings Databases — Updated

Kathy Biehl is a member of the State Bar of Texas and co-author of the Lawyer’s Guide to Internet Research. Formerly in private practice, she is an author, researcher and consultant in the New York City area.

Each edition of Research Roundup will pull together related, practical online services that take outstanding advantage of the convenience and efficiency of the Internet.

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