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Features – Its Not Rocket Science: Making Sense of Scientific Evidence

It’s Not Rocket Science: Making Sense of Scientific Evidence

By Paul Barron

Paul Barron is the Director of the Library and Archives at the George C. Marshall Foundation in Lexington, Virginia. This is a revised version of an article published in the Virginia Lawyer in December 2005[1]

Subjects: Features, Legal Research, Search Engines, Search Strategies

Features – Deep Web Research Research 2006

Deep Web Research Research 2006

By Marcus P. Zillman

Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A., is Executive Director of the Virtual Private Library and Founder/Creator of BotSpot®. He is the author of nine different Internet MiniGuides 2006, Internet Sources Manual and eCurrent Awareness Resources 2006 Report. His Subject Tracer™ Information Blogs (45 and constantly growing) are freely available from the Virtual Private Library, which include the latest resources on Deep Web Research and Bot Research. His current white papers on searching and researching the Internet are located at His personal blog dedicated to knowledge discovery, knowledge harvesting, information retrieval and Internet current awareness is available at His monthly free newsletter is titled AwarenessWatch™ and his monthly Internet Zillman Column has been archived since 1996.

Subjects: Data Mining, Internet Trends, Search Strategies

Beyond Google and Yahoo: Advanced Search

Looking for innovative, comprehensive, focused and reliable alternatives to the limited number of search engines that you have become all to used to relying upon for your research? If so, then Tom Mighell and Sabrina I. Pacifici‘s guide from their ABA TechShow 2006 presentation should be on your reading list.

Subjects: Blogs, Email, Government Resources, Legal Research, RSS Newsfeeds, Search Engines, Search Strategies

Faulkner’s Practical Web Strategies for Attorneys – Maximize Your Browsing Experience: Toolbars, Bookmarklets, and Extensions

Frederick L. Faulkner IV recommends a range of applications, easy to install and use, that extend the versatility and enhance the value of your browsing experience as you search the web throughout the course of the day.

Subjects: Adobe Acrobat, Internet Resources, Search Engines, Search Strategies, Web Utilities

The Government Domain: New GPO Catalog of Government Publications

Peggy Garvin reviews the new searchable catalog of current and historical federal congressional, executive, and judicial publications that are in print, electronic, and other formats.

Subjects: E-Government, Government Resources, Library Software & Technology, Search Engines, Search Strategies, The Government Domain