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Commentary: Is a J.D. Necessary for Law Librarians?

George Butterfield examines this question within the context of policies that impact law librarians working in academic, government and law firm law libraries, as well as within the context of the respective responsibilities of these professionals.

Subjects: Features, Law Librarians, Legal Marketing

A Cup of Creativi-tea: National Library Week

Terri Wilson heralds the upcoming National Library Week with a range of celebratory, inexpensive and fun suggestions about activities and events that highlight the profession.

Subjects: Law Librarians, Libraries & Librarians, Library Marketing

Criminal Justice Resources: Criminal Justice Library Internships

As Ken Strutin states, a library internship is one of the first opportunities for students to experience professional life and learn practical lessons in librarianship. His collection of resources will be useful to library students and aid their host libraries in answering questions, assembling training materials, and offering guidance in professional development.

Subjects: Criminal Law, Law Librarians, Legal Research Training, Librarian Resources

A Cup of Creativi-tea: Start a Resolution

Terri Wilson offers quick suggestions, easily implemented, for making time to fulfill a resolution or two during the course of our increasingly demanding work week.

Subjects: Information Management, Law Librarians, Law Library Management, Library Marketing

The Tao of Law Librarianship: Becoming A Wiki Warrior

Connie Crosby recommends wikis for a group of people working toward a consensus, whether it be creating an final project plan or a proposed working list for a department, office or practice group program, or coming to jointly agreed-upon wording in a document.

Subjects: Information Management, Law Librarians, The Tao of Law Librarianship, Wiki

The Blog – Another Tool in Your Arsenal

Janet Peros provides an overview of how law librarians have integrated blogs and RSS into current awarness services for practice groups and client related research.

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Librarianship – Promoting Public Service and Philanthropy

Kara Phillips shares examples of diverse personal volunteer efforts within the law library community, gleaned from an informal survey, that include service on the local, national and international level.

Subjects: Features, Law Librarians, Libraries & Librarians

The Tao of Law Librarianship: Reaching Across the Generations in the Profession

Connie Crosby addresses the evolving professional roles and expectations, goals and perspectives of librarians between Baby Boom and Generation X.

Subjects: Law Librarians, Law Library Management, Legal Research, Libraries & Librarians, Library Marketing, The Tao of Law Librarianship, Training

Deal or No Deal Licensing and Acquiring Digital Resources: License Negotiations

Kara Phillips describes how to apply the techniques and theories that are the foundation of a classic book on negotiation to the process of developing electronic licensing agreements that satisfy the requirements of all parties involved.

Subjects: Deal or No Deal, Electronic Subscriptions, Information Management, Law Librarians, Legal Research, Libraries & Librarians, Library Marketing, Licensing, Online Legal Research Services

Small Content, Long Tails, and Big Ideas in Law Libraries

Small Content, Long Tails, and Big Ideas in Law Libraries

by Jason Eiseman

Jason Eiseman (MLS) is the Computer Automation Librarian at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt in Portland, Oregon.

Subjects: E-Commerce, Features, Law Librarians, Legal Research, Library Marketing, Presentation Skills, RSS Newsfeeds, Search Strategies