Lorette S.J. Weldon

Lorette Weldon has had over two decades of experience as a certified IT Librarian (Master's of Library Science (MLS) and BS (Information Systems Management)). She also has her doctorate in Education. She is currently a researcher, lecturer, and instructor in methods of working smarter for business professionals in the private, public, non-profit and government sectors. She has spoken at conferences for the Special Libraries Association, Computers in Libraries, and Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges. She has written the following books in relation to library management: "SharePoint Without Coding: My Notes for Embedding the Librarian" and "Research and Social Networking" available through www.amazon.com; co-author of "Practices for Government Libraries 2010: The New Face of Value" which is available through Lexis-Nexis. See also has two sites, Librarians Using SharePoint and Computer Savviness. Her published books may be purchased via Amazon.