Joni Lynn Cassidy

Joni Lynn Cassidy is President/Co-owner/Founder of Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc., a small quality-driven company providing contract cataloguing and technical services to law firm, bar association, corporate and special libraries throughout the U.S. and Europe. She founded Cassidy Cataloguing in 1985 and was joined full-time by her "computer wiz" husband, Michael, in 1988. A professional and support staff of 12 serves 75 libraries. Recent projects include the reclassification of the Lillian Goldman Law Library at Yale Law School to Library of Congress classification. Cassidy Cataloging Services, Inc. is proud to be unveiling a new service: MOLEhill '98. MOLEhill '98 will provide libraries with reasonably-priced desktop access to their online public access catalog (OPAC) via the Internet. Contact Joni Cassidy at [email protected] or 973-481-0900, for more information.